Juliette Cacciatori
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Juliette Cacciatori al di là delle quotidiane apparenze

GIORGY ANGÉLIQUE (art reviewer)
The embrittlement of feelings, the instability of time that passes, is evoked with an important chromatic wealth.
This plastic language establishes a very personal atmosphere, a breath of a rare fluidity, the emotion, the intensity of a moment, a place.
Far from being satisfied of her exceptional curriculum she is at continuous search of a more a more personal expression.

Prof. MICHELE FUOCO (art reviewer)
Of every her experience Juliette seems to extend the most possible memory, the echo, through the watercolors brightness that interprets the things in their inner resonances, in them vibrating emotionality, following the outlines of common communication that could make the love for the authenticity of life born.
Juliette's is a painting of the memory that asserts the necessary presence of loved things or only dreammed that place themselves also like indications for the existence.
Even objects are message of a last or recent time, desires, feelings, thin yearning, affective connotations.
The nature and its various aspects of life become evocation and contemplation reasons, extolling of the spirit that the white page receives.
In the total equilibrium the artist seems to indicate the ideal of the simple gentleness that can be picked in a summer morning, in a silent courtyard and also in animals like pets.
The reason of free life, the contact with nature, is developed with a sincerity of feelings, a quiet kind of narration.
The reality substance of sweet elements is made.
The garden, the flowers know how to tell the true spirit of a place, in an atmospheric lightness that seems to correspond to her educated and refined way to see nature in the thinnest shadings.
All is placed like detection of her sensibility, refined through the studies of Fine Arts in Provenza (France), of one humors-rich earth, intense light that the artist puts in her paintings.

LUCIA TASSI (art teacher)
Painting with watercolors: stemprare the color, emotions, secret harmonies of the spirit.
Is the choice operated by Juliette: a "not easy " painting (that doesn't tolerate the imprecisions, the error) and ideas already extolled in shapes, after to have last in review all the universe of possible images, in order to discover only the able ones of inner resonance.
A long " road of purification " that the artist has covered passing through the entirety of the painting with oil, the game of shadows and lights of the sculpture and the important sign of a graphical image, in order to return to the guessed watercolor of the beginning, like way of "election".
Why, therefore the watercolor?

Because in that transparency that cannot hide null, in that simplicity of gestures that cannot know changes of mind, the artist has uncovered the better way for the passage of the emotion: strongly, time realizes and immaterial at the same time, immediate and also fruit of a long maturation.
Images that need to be approach with an availability attitude; then their musicality will be able " to take us within " in wide spaces (but not desolated) and there, we'll be able to see colors materialize themself in skies, houses, flowers; to turn themself in " signs ", daily images that had never hit us.
Just because so devoid of external sedition, their vitality will appear us amazing.
With those imperceptible (and inexorable) cracks that say their embrittlement too.